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Cédric Villani as a “Living Theorem”

sabato, 8 dicembre 2012 - 22:30

2010 Fields Medal laureate Cédric Villani is a world-renowned French mathematician enjoying a media-star status in his country (where scientific culture and achievements are taken seriously).
His book Théorème Vivant has been published last August by Grasset, with a first print-run of 30,000 and good initial sales, an impressive array of Higher Mathematics formulas and symbols notwithstanding.
Incredibly enough, and going against an established Italian tradition of wariness towards scientific books, a major publisher like Rizzoli is going to publish the book in Italy early in 2013.
This fact alone speaks volumes about Villani’s prestige and kudos.
And before I forget: he’s going to be LUCCA COMICS AND SCIENCE‘s guest of honor in 2013 (as mathematician Roberto Natalini and yours truly proudly announced last November).
Such are the interest and sense of waiting stirred by this truly unique figure of modern scientist and popularizer, that prominent Italian science blogger Popinga simply couldn’t wait and reviewed the French version of the book.
Strictly speaking, Théorème Vivant is a popular science book but, at the same time, it serves well as a personal journal, a memoir and a meditation about mathematical research’s dynamics and inner workings. Uncompromisingly, when it comes to scientific rigor.
Which only says a lot about Popinga’s merits: more than simply accessible, his post makes Villani’s efforts and achievements engaging. And the occasional readers find themselves asking for more about mathematics and Landau damping (not joking)…
Deeply gratified by their new, wonderful discovery: not only Great Science can be entertaining; when it’s really great it reaches out to people’s lives.

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