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Frank Espinosa a Bologna in Salaborsa

domenica, 21 aprile 2013 - 11:54

Dopo i fasti di Firenze la stella Frank Espinosa a Bologna per un evento last-minute assolutamente eccezionale. Quando direte ai vostri nipoti “io c’ero” risponderanno “sì nonno, che bello” e chiederanno alla badante di cambiarvi il pannolone. Impossibile credervi.

Staged Turing

sabato, 10 novembre 2012 - 15:10

English mathematician, logician, computer scientist ante litteram and gay icon malgré soi Alan Turing (1912-1954) is an outstanding figure in 20th Century’s science and philosophical thought. Breaking the code was an early piece (1986) and a forerunner of  a long string of oeuvres bringing his crucial, multi-faceted, tormented life to the stage. For what I’m concerned, as a huge (science-)fiction fan, for the time being theater wins over the movies 10-0.
In 2012, Turing’s anniversary year par excellence, two Italian plays in a few days, in a country traditionally indifferent to scientific ideas, speak loud of his pervasive influence and lasting fascination, far beyond the academia walls.

I attended this one in Florence: a well done dramatization of the instant-classic David Leavitt‘s book.
This one is coming in a few days in Milan: see you there (more here).

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